I’m Paul. Yes the good looking guy on the right. untitled-8

I’ll update this page from time to time.

I have a 9-5 and run a number of side gigs because I’m looking to jump ship in the next year or so. Why not now?

Easy. Because I used to be a sheeple being led by the nose and build up a nice pile of debt. So I’m in a hole but found a way out. I will be free from that weight in a year or so. Maybe even earlier…

I was the world’s worst insurance salesman. Back in the day I was a commission only rep for a large well known UK insurer.  After 2 years of 12 hour days – standing in hardware stores asking folks if they’d like to win a prize – I left the company owing THEM money.

How genius is that 🙂

I’ve been in the army, run bars, hitch-hiked across Europe a few times. Built it, knocked it down, polished, painted, washed, cleaned, humped and shifted. I’ve been a ski-bum, beach-bum, waiter, dogsbody and driver. Broken a few hearts and had mine shattered more than once.

I’ve been online since before 2000 and spent most of that time losing money. This blog is about how I changed that and reverse my fortunes. Internet marketing gets a bad rep. But it can help people. People like you and me.

I’m mad about photography. I’ve been taking pictures for a long time now. My Dad gave me a second hand Zenit E when I was a teenager. I shoot all kinds my-old-zenit-eof images. Never been a pro but people have used portraits I’ve taken as their profile pictures and promos for a couple of charities I’ve shot for.

I want push myself further and work on new tougher challenges.

To help people who are looking for ideas, a way to escape, I’ll be making recommendations on things that I use or rate highly. Understand that any links I post here may well lead to products which will pay me a commission should you decide to invest.



“Do or do not. There is no try.”